Fine Art Photographic Prints of Michael Baker
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"Norwegian Wood Church" Vang, Norway 2007
"The City of Bergen" Bergen, Norway 2007
"Autumn Afternnon on a Canal" Amsterdam, Netherlands 2007
"Harvest" Tuscany, Italy 2004
"Billboard" Vienna, Austria 1992
"Dance at St. Stephens" Vienna, Austria 1992
"Remembering A Glorious Church" Paris, France 1989
"Sunset On The Seine" Paris, France 1990
"Gypsy Bass and Girl" Florence, Italy 2004
"Nice" Brussels, Belgium 2007
"French Kiss" Paris, France 1996
"Backpacks" Brussels, Belgium 2007
"Tandem" Amsterdam, The Netherlands 2007
"Girls At Play- I" Paris, France 1990
"Girls At Play- II" Paris, France 1990
"Super Sized" Copenhagen, Denmark 2007
"Birdcage" Montefallonico, Italy 2004
"San Biagio and the Tuscan Valley" Montepulciano, Italy 2004
"Tuscan Door - I" Montepulciano, Italy 2004
"Tuscan Door - II" Montefallonico, Italy 2004
"In the Shadows" Brussels, Belgium 2007
"Homeless" Copenhagen, Denmark 2007
"Street Vendor - BW" Copenhagen, Denmark 2007
"Street Vendor-Color" Copenhagen, Denmark 2007
"Vineyards in October" Burgundy Region, France 1996
"Three Men" Pienza, Italy 2004
All Photographs © Michael J. Baker. All Rights Reserved.